Denver Public Art University West (or DPAU West) is a community school of the arts serving the La Alma neighborhood of downtown Denver. While becoming an accredited university, DPAU serves students of all ages, teaching art in all its forms. DPAU is a project of the nonprofit Denver Art Society.

Our Values


Life-long learning is more than just a phrase — it’s a way of life. Everyone has skills to teach, and everyone has skills to learn. By collaborating we grow stronger — together.


Personal excellence and community excellence come hand-in-hand. We are united to excellence in our selves, our families, and our neighbors. By supporting one another, we can reach greater heights.


We create the world in which we live. By making a stronger community, we create a better environment for ourselves, and for our children.


Playing is as important as planning. We work hard — and when that work is finished we take our imagination seriously. Creativity can not be censored.

Get Involved

Anyone can help us make a difference, in a world that sorely needs the arts. You can get involved or learn more about volunteering.